Online Wellness Community – The Complete Package!

The expert team at Our Ether have developed a unique approach to wellness that combines key life elements to deliver life changing results.

Forget short lived fitness regimes with unattainable goals, forget fad diets that never last and make life changes that benefit you for the long term.

The Our Ether approach enhances your being around 5 fundamental areas: Movement, Nutrition, Mindset, Wellness & Community.

• Follow a structured monthly workout calendar and enjoy 4-6 Live workouts per week. No workout is ever the same!
• Learn how to fuel your lifestyle with tailored nutrition booklets featuring easy-to-cook meals, smoothie recipes and snack ideas.
• Stay Accountable with Healthy Habit Tracker & Fitness Tests.
• Be mindful of the mind – Monthly Meditation & Breathing Classes.
• Feel the support of the Ether Community. A like-minded family there to support and coach you every step of the way.


Maria is absolutely amazing! She really knows her stuff, she trains you hard but makes it fun. And if you have an injury she can work around it. Also her free family lockdown workouts have inspired my boys to love working out- I can not thank you enough! You are just incredible!

I've been training with Maria for over a year now, and she's great at motivating you and making training fun – but what I like is she doesn't textbook train you. She sees you for who you are, and is really good at adapting her workouts for what's best for you and your lifestyle/family life. Many trainers want you to fit into their structure, but she fits her structure around you. And it helps that she's a good laugh too.

Maria is really passionate about what she does and offers a very personal tailored approach that you simply don’t see at a lot of other studios. Her online videos are a must-see!

Maria helped me rehab from an injury. She has got me stronger and fitter and most importantly back running. She is incredibly positive and will push you, but also understands what is a realistic goal for an individual.

Maria trained with me for 5 or 6 years after my second child was born and was just fabulous. She put up with a tired mother and motivated me when all other energy was lacking. The combination of cardio and core training really worked. Not only is Maria an extremely talented Personal Trainer but fun and empathetic too. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Monthly Workout Planner


This June is going to be a little different, so we're sprinting some sunshine & fun into this month for you. It's time to show up for yourself before the craziness starts on the 21st June! This is all about showing up for you!

The aim is to complete at least 3 of the 6 sessions plus a yoga or meditation session every week.

Share your SHOWUP pics to the group so we can cheer you on throughout. You can also swap out sessions for active recovery, such as walking, or a run, depending on your goals.

Don't forget to give yourself 1-2 rest days per week.


Habit Tracker

This is a 2 week tracker that you can print off to keep track of healthy habits you want to stick to this month. A habit tracker is a simple way to measure whether you did a habit and tick each day you stick with your routine.  

We will talk a lot more about habits this month as they are CRUCIAL in order to stay consistent throughout the month! 

Progress Tracker

We are all here on our own journeys, and we all have different goals that we would like to achieve, so this Progress Tracker will help keep you accountable. Print it off and decide what you're working towards. You also could just be here for a great time (without goals) and that is ok, in-fact its more than ok, ITS FANTASTIC! As I have said before- This is NOT A QUICK FIX, we are here to work towards sustainable change, so be patient and be kind to yourself. 

Here are some ideas for what you might like to add as your goals:

5km run time, No. of workouts completed, Body Measurements, No. of Daily Steps, No. of meditation sessions, Energy levels, No of times you’ve tried something new. 

Progress Photos – Not for everyone but only if you want to. These are not for before & after shots; these are to show yourself how far you have come and your entire journey to get there. We don't focus on the number on the scales, in fact, throw away the scales!! Numbers don't mean anything, how you FEEL does. Muscle weighs more than fat, so as we start to get more definition, photos will help to show the progress we are making! 

Recipe Booklet

Welcome to your June recipe booklet!

It's officially the countdown until the end of Lockdown (Hopefully!)

For some people this may be an emotional and triggering time, whilst for others it will signify joy, excitement and relaxation. There will be a lot of focus on food and alcohol & celebration!

It isn't about restricting for the month of June, you know we never endorse the Quick Fix approach, but equally just because June has hit us that isn't to suggest all our nutrition knowledge should go out the window.

These recipes have been created to help you enjoy this month whilst providing your body with nourishing foods. There are a few vegan recipes, some comfort warmers and some little sweet treats too. Food & Drink don't have to be loaded with sugar and can still leave you feeling energised and satisfied afterwards. I really hope you love these recipes and that you find your favourites to suit your needs.

This months challenge is ideal for providing some direction amongst the chaos, excitement and for some emotions of Lockdown easing.

As always, we love seeing your creations so don't forget to tag us on social media!