Our Story

What is 'Our Ether'?

We have worked together to create an Online Wellness Community to bring you the best of everything that is Health, Wellness and Nutrition. By combining these Natural elements we are able to provide you with a complete journey.

Our Programme is based around the 5 Ayurvedic Elements. Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth.

“All elements originate from Ether. Ether moves to become air, air causes friction to become fire, fire becomes water as it becomes denser, water becomes earth as it coagulates. And all five elements are contained in the Earth.”

The 5 Natural Elements for complete Health & Wellbeing

Ether meaning “Our Space”, our Community Air for our Breath and Meditation Fire for Fitness & Movement Water for our Nutrition Earth for our Mind & Wellbeing

Our Fitness Experts

We will provide you with Monthly Strength, Conditioning & Mobilisation programs, as well as introducing you to our Mind & Wellbeing Experts who will provide you with their expertise on relaxation, de-stressing & breathing techniques.

Our Nutritionist will bring you back to basics and re-education you on what our bodies need to thrive. Understanding about nutrient dense food will help your body become stronger, which in turn will increase health, improve your mood, increase gut health and improve your general fitness levels.

Maximise Your Potential!

We are not here to give you a “quick fix” method, we are here to support, educate and encourage to help you create a sustainable health & fitness routine for life!

We look forward to watching you all grow in knowledge and confidence so you can all reach your full potential!